Welcome to the Sand of the Apocalypse

Aeons ago, long before the Necromancers of Hallowfaust founded their dread city, an empire was destroyed for its decadence.

Legend tells of a Demon-King and his foul retinue who could not be defeated or banished, instead they were imprisoned deep in the earth. The conquers raised a great mountain to ward the prison, nullifying magic across most of the continent, ensuring the vile demon tormentors would never again be free.

As millennium past, the blood of dragons slowly began to flow through the veins of mortal races, and magic returned to the land.

Now dragons fly in the sky, while evils stirs deep underground.

Whispers in dreams impart arcane power and lure recruits to pledge their souls to new masters. Forgotten and forbidden lore is once again discovered. Ancient weapons of power are wielded on behalf of their masters.

Sands of the Apocalypse

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